As a professional maintenance manager with experience in the steel, chemical and cosmetics industries, where I have managed engineering services on COMAH & DSEAR sites, I can deliver pragmatic skills in cost effective asset mangement.

The candidates that complete these courses will receive a certificate from GO SIX SIGMA.

There are currently no external awarding bodies for such courses.

This course is for maintenance managers that need to develop and deploy a structured approach to cost effective asset care. It is a development of the famous RCM (reliability centred maintenance) and TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) methodologies.

Get the best value out of your maintenance program by deploying a structured and risk based approach.

This course is aimed at managers that have responsibility for operating and maintaining DSEAR facilities where flammable substances, substances are processed above their flash point or where potential runaway reactions are possible.

A pragmatic approach to safe and cost effective operation of DSEAR facilities.