How we protect your data

  1. We do not pass personal data on to non-governmental 3rd parties with the exception of:
    1. Our apprenticeship training partner QUALITRAIN. This is only in relation to apprentice training schemes or training accreditation.
    2. Any accreditation body (IOSH, APM, CMI, IASSC etc.) with respect to examinations and certifications.
  2. We only share information and data with Government agencies that we need to in order to comply with the law and any regulations regarding apprenticeships.
  3. All financial data is processed securely via PayPal, or direct between your bank and Go Six Sigma’s bank, which is HSBC.
  4. This site is hosted by GoDaddy and we have SSL and website security packages with them.
  5. You can request what data we hold on you and how it has been used under GDPR.
  6. If you have any concerns regarding any data you have shared with us then do not hesitate to contact us either via the contact form, e-mail or if you are particularly concerned by mobile phone. Contact details are at the bottom of all the website pages.


Barry Moss

Owner Director, Go Six Sigma