GO SIX SIGMA are here to help your company achieve better customer satisfaction through reduced defects, shorter lead times and better value for money.

This is done through a personalised approach to each organisation and the issues it faces. Firstly we start with YOUR CUSTOMERS and their needs before undertaking a high level OPPORTUNITY ANALYSIS. Then further detailed analysis to identify an economically feasible PROJECT PIPELINE.

Next is an assessment of the organisation’s PREPAREDNESS FOR CHANGE. This involves a review of your change management processes, your employee’s skills, the resources available and the cultural status with regards to operational stability and adoption of change.

Each step involves a SERVICE & GATE REVIEW with you so that satisfaction with the delivered service is validated and the exact nature of the next stage is understood and agreed. Ultimately a PROJECT PLAN of support, training and guidance through initial projects to build your organisation’s capabilities will be agreed and delivered. The implementation can be tracked and the REAL RETURN measured.

Further ongoing support and mentoring is available if and when required. Just to ‘sell’ a bundle of training packages and leave you to implement change on your own will ultimately lead to disappointing results and a dissatisfied customer – not the outcome either party wants.

Here we take an overall look at the value of the inputs, outputs and processing of the business operations in terms of some simple categories:

Inputs – materials, direct labour, overheads, distribution costs

Outputs – sales, waste volume & disposal costs, complaints & returns (& costs to process)

Processing – rework, wasted activity, inventory size & costs

Value Adding – a simple rough calculation of the proportion of both direct labour & overheads which increases the value of the product & service in the customer’s view

Now we put more meat on the bones from the data I have set you to gather. This will show us where the real economic opportunities are and allow us to start to develop the project pipeline.

Before we start looking at your business we need to check that you understand who your current and potential customers are. We verify that you have CORRECTLY INTERPRETED THEIR REQUIREMENTS in all aspects of your product and service. This helps to ensure you are not under or over-specified and what barriers exist to revenue growth from either more sales with current customers or what may be excluding you from business with new customers.

Next we set you some homework to gather more data such that together we can identify the more specific issues. There may be opportunity to implement some quick CONTAINMENT actions to restrict impacts in the short term. Meanwhile a longer term plan is formulated based on a combination of impact size and an estimation of the difficulty/resource required to realise a benefit.

This provides a prioritised PROJECT PIPELINE.

Now we understand the issues faced and the projects to plan we can assess the skills and resources that will be required to deliver them. It is at this point that the scale of any Lean Six Sigma TRAINING AND/OR EXTERNAL PROVISION can be determined.

Here we assess how prepared the organisation is for the changes required ahead. An assessment is made of the leadership team, the employees, the culture and values of the organisation and the relative strength of processes and structures in daily operation. A formal CHANGE CHALLENGE REPORT, KEY STAKEHOLDER ANALYSIS and COMMUNICATION PLAN is produced.

Now a detailed implementation plan can be devised that shows the training and support activities and costs from both GO SIX SIGMA and the client. The plan shows the sequence of key activities, cost and resource impacts against the expected benefit returns with a FORECASTED CASH FLOW IMPACT (NPV or IRR).

GO SIX SIGMA can provide full programme management & tracking or help the client set this up for themselves. This allows TRANSPARENT EVALUATION of the success and intervention when deviation occurs or new opportunities present themselves.

REGULAR SERVICE REVIEWS with the client are held to ensure that GO SIX SIGMA is delivering real value and that the appropriate level of support is provided to the client to enable them to sustain the improvements made and continue to implement future opportunities.